Real Estate Professionals

Why Work With TSI......


Professional Image and Credibility:

On time arrival for every inspection.

Total focus on your client. I only conduct 1 inspection a day.

Review the house in detail with your clients & answer all there questions.

​​I deliver detailed reports that reflect the professional management of your home sale.

Professional personal appearance.


I Help Reduced Client Stress & Potential Remorse:
Your client know the true condition of the house they are considering for purchase.  

I deliver a professional room by room review of the house answering their questions as we go. 

I'm available to review or answer questions long after the inspection has been completed.


Reduced Liability:

I carry Errors & Omissions and General Liability Insurance.

Know Your Homes Value with a Pre-Inspection:
When you know the real condition of the home you'll be best able to value the home.

Show your home at it's absolute best by resolving any know issues. No surprises.

New Home Sales Professionals

 If your selling new homes for one of our great local builders, then you know some of your buyers have homes to sell.  Let me help you and them with a Pre-Drywall & Final Inspection. 

Texas Sentry Inspections - Dave Dudziak

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